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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

IRWIN HSS Cobalt Drill Bit 8.0 x 117mm (1)

Product Description

  • Its 135° split point grinding ensures perfect centring and reduced drilling pressure
  • The Irwin HSS Cobalt Drill Bit is perfect for drilling stainless steel and other high alloys

  • Industrial quality ground flute for high accuracy drilling and fast removal of chips.

    The drill bit body is manufactured from high quality HSS steel containing 5% Cobalt (Co)

  • The added 5% Cobalt improves the red hardness (heat resistance) of the drill bit and results in significantly extended life.The drill bit has an attractive golden tempered surface finish.

    Diameter: 8.0mm.
    Working Length: 75mm.
    Overall Length: 117mm.

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