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IRWIN Jigsaw Blade Set Assorted 10 Piece Set

Product Description

  • The Irwin 10 piece set of T-shank jigsaw blades for AEG, Bosch, DEWALT and Hitachi Jigsaws for metal and wood cutting are manufactured from high quality materials.

    Contain the following pieces:

    2 x 10504221 (T111C) Wood cutting 100mm 8 tpi.
    2 x 10504218 (T144D) Wood cutting 100mm 6 tpi (fast cut).
    2 x 10504219 (T101B) Wood cutting 100mm 10 tpi.
    1 x 10504222 (T101D) Wood cutting 100mm 6 tpi (clean cut).
    2 x 10504220 (T118A) Metal cutting 92mm Progressive 17 - 23 tpi.
    1 x 10504225 (T118B) Metal cutting 92mm Progressive 11 - 13 tpi.

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