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Isola Bio Organic Coconut Water - 500ml

  • sola Bio is delighted to unveil Original Coco: our organic coconut water, extracted from unripe green coconuts
  • Isola Bio Organic Coconut Water with vitamin C (gluten free)


Product Description

  • Our coconut water is the original Brazilian coconut water: cultivated and produced in the place where this refreshing drink originates, it comes to us rich in its distinctive qualities: refreshing, isotonic, thirst-quenching, and above all a natural and rich source of potassium.

    For a thirst-quenching break during the day, after or during sports, in your free time or on hot summer’s afternoons, Isola Bio Original Coco is the organic coconut water that is as AUTHENTIC as you are.

    Serve chilled to maximise the thirst-quenching and refreshing power of this superbly summery product


Coconut water*, vitamin C.

Nutrition Information

Nutritional table average values 100ml
Fats g 0
of which saturated g 0
Carbohydrates g 5
of which sugars g 3,8
Fiber g 0
Protein g 0
Sale g 0,023
Vitamin C mg
20 (25% RDA)
Potassium mg
220 (11% RDA)


IsolaBio was founded in September 1999. Innovation, research and development have been combined harmoniously to give you flavour, quality and safety. For over thirteen years our brand has devoted itself to you, catering for your breakfast and your daily nourishment in full respect of your natural equilibriums.


Why Coconut Water?

Having enjoyed great success with its cereal vegetable drinks, fruit juices and creams for cooking, Isola Bio presents its vast public with a refreshing new drink: Coconut Water. Organic and innovative, our Original Coco is the product of the moment: not just for the pleasant burst of freshness it brings to hot summer days, but also because it is dynamic, new, energising, natural and simple. Rich in vitamin C and a natural source of potassium, Isola Bio’s coconut water is simply irresistible.

Is it true that coconut water is low in calories?

Yes is it! Isola Bio Original Coco comes in a single serving of 500 ml and contains just 20 kcal in every 100 ml! It is also naturally rich in potassium, magnesium and manganese!
Thanks to its rich mineral salt content and its refreshing properties, Isola Bio Original Coco is ideal for those that do sports or outdoor activities at all times of year, helps recover natural energy and is particularly suitable for the hot and summer seasons. Thanks to its natural properties, it helps to eliminate and expel the toxins from our body in a natural way and at all times of year. Low in calories and refreshing, Isola Bio is the reinvigorating choice for those that have chosen a natural lifestyle.

What are its benefits?

- Rehydrating
- Source of potassium
- Rich in Mineral Salts
- Naturally isotonic
- Refreshing
- Essential for those that practice sports
- Gluten-free, vegetal: ideal for vegetarians and vegans!
- Low in calories

What are its origins?

Our coconut water comes from an uninterrupted organic supply chain that originates in the birthplace of this drink: Brazil. Arriving directly from organic coconut plantations, the coconut water is extracted from green coconuts and packaged without any additional processing in Brazil. The fresh and natural product is brought to you by Isola Bio, which guarantees its utmost quality.

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5 out of 5
By Hoppyjoe | Posted on: 10/04/2014

The ultimate!!!

I've tried just about every coconut water out there, in the USA too, and this is my favourite! Unoco is my 2nd choice, but this is so delicious! I order it by the box load!


Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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