ISS Good Grab Toffee Crunch - 45g

  • Instead what you get is simple: a smaller serving of the original trusted recipe
  • The OhYeah! Good Grab bar is the first Portion-Controlled health snack to deliver High Protein and a truly satisfying “Full Size” taste experience! The Good Grab symbol is an easy way to quickly identify OhYeah! nutritional products made from healthy ingredients that offer premium taste and hunger satisfaction, yet are reduced in calories, lower in fat, saturated fat, sodium or sugar.OhYeah! products with the Good Grab logo are not watered-down “lite” versions of our regular OhYeah! products
  • The result is maximum taste and hunger satisfaction in just the “right size” for calorie conscious consumers
  • Unlike other calorie controlled snacks, OhYeah! Good Grab products are engineered to deliver high levels of protein with fewer calories
  • For example, the OhYeah! Good Grab 45-gram bar contains 15 grams of quality protein—a full one-third of its weight.At the core of every Good Grab product is a premium blend of functional protein for maximum performance and health benefits
  • In fact, OhYeah! Good Grab 45-gram bar contains a premium protein complex, which includes Whey Protein Isolates, Milk Protein Isolates/Concentrates and Casein, which offers excellent digestibility, muscle protein synthesis and helps support a balanced and healthy immune response.


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