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Jacob Marley, Esq. Board Game


Product Description

  • And what's more, he's the boss of you.

    You're a lowly clerk in young Jacob Marley's powerful investment firm, which lends money to needs people throughout the city of London
  • Each turn, you move Marley through the streets of the city, randomly affecting the economy of London with a cool Economy Chart
  • Will you lend your money to a lawyer, a financial institution, or a petty criminal? The choice is yours, but make sure you're not the only player with a client like this, or it can cost you a bundle of money and points!
  • Jacob Marley is alive and well
  • Marley has decided to elevate one lucky clerk to the status of friend," meaning a partnership in Marley's business, a handsome promotion, and Marley's lifetime friendship
  • He'll even get you out of Hell if you manage to outlive him
  • Such a deal!

    To make the most points with the boss, you must lend his money to the most trustworthy clients, and stay away from the ones that will ruin you
  • If you're lucky, you'll even grow up to be as stingy and horrible as he is.

    Jacob Marley, Esquire is a banking game with all the fun and excitement that implies
  • No, seriously, it's good.

    As a clerk in Marley's investment firm, you are given an account of 12 to lend to various ne'er-do-well clients in London
  • Then you can see what's going on in the street where Marley stopped

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