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James White Drinks Beet It Shot - Pack of 15 x 70ml

  • Used by health-conscious individuals of all ages, the Organic shot contains 0.3g natural dietary nitrate per shot; there are no added preservatives.
  • James White Drinks Beet It Shot is a 70ml shot of concentrated organic beetroot juice (98%) cut with organic lemon juice (2%)


Product Description

  • The nitrate level in the Organic shots is approximately equivalent to 300ml single strength beetroot juice - although the nitrate content in the single strength juice varies widely from crop to crop.


Organic beetroot juice (98%), organic lemon juice (2%)


The recommended dose is one a day, possibly in the morning with breakfast.


About James White Drinks Over at White's Fruit farm, we have been making fruit juices for over 22 years, which means we have masses of experience when it comes to knowing exactly what to do to make a high quality juice. Since 1991 we've been based on our small farm in Ashbocking, just north of Ipswich. Originally a cider factory, Lawrence Mallinson bought the assets to James White and began to explore a love of freshly pressed apple juices. Originally one of the founders of New Convent Garden Soup, Lawrence has a knack for dreaming-up and creating new and exciting flavours. As a result, we now not only offer the best quality range of classic English apple juices, but also an extensive portfolio of very different brands. This includes a Soil Association-certified range of organic fruit and vegetable juices; our world-famous spiced tomato juice (Big Tom); the grandfather - or Great Uncle - of the brands (Great Uncle Cornelius juices); an exciting and fun range of freshly pressed juices (Manic Organics); a fabulous and rather extensive selection of (Thorncroft) cordials; and last, but by no means least, our best-selling brand of beetroot juice: Beet IT! We have amassed a large number of awards and accolades, but our Royal Warrant is by far the most widely-known. In 2002 Big Tom was singled out and awarded the Royal Warrant by HM Queen Elizabeth II and we hope that everyone finds it just as tasty! We believe that fresh and natural juices taste so good, which is why we don't mess around with them! You won't find anything un-natural in any of our products, and that's a promise!


Contains 0.4g natural dietary nitrate, equivalent to c 0.5l beetroot juice. 100% natural organic ingredients. Just concentrated beetroot and lemon juice. No preservatives or unnatural chemicals. The power of NO (nitric oxide). One of your 5-a-day. Used worldwide for medical research.

About Brand

Makers of brilliant non-alcoholic juices and cordials. Straight from White's Fruit Farm in Suffolk come some of the finest fresh pressed juices in the world. There's a James White juice for everyone and any occasion. Discover and enjoy delicious natural drinks including English apple juice, Big Tom Bloody Mary mixer, Beet It organic beetroot juice, Great Uncle Cornelius' Finest Spiced Ginger and Manic Organic juices.

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5 out of 5
By sitailse | Posted on: 15/08/2014

Annette Himstedt

This is a very , very good product for my health, for me is the very important think, When I take regular , every day 1 shot Organic Beet It , my blood preasure is going better and better, approximately 10 Points less. And I have more power over the hole day.


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