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Jan de Vries Guide To Health & Vitality - 304 Pages

  • The Jan de Vries Guide to Health and Vitality
  • Jan de Vries Guide To Health & Vitality
  • This helpful and informative publication by world-renowned complementary therapist Jan de Vries is a straightforward and constructive guide to maintaining good health by natural means.


Product Description

  • avoid common addictions like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar
  • In addition to these tips, there is further advice on how to standardise sleeping patterns, ways to achieve optimum sexual health and fertility, and the best means of achieving and maintaining an overall sense of well-being, happiness and vitality.
  • - keep fit and healthy
  • prevent allergies
  • maintain a healthy digestive system

    Jan de Vries suggests natural ways to cultivate healthy skin, hair and nails, relieve stress and boost the immune system
  • He also provides some important information on dealing with Alzheimer's disease
  • enjoy exercise


Jan de Vries trained as a pharmacist, but he turned to alternative medicine early in his career. His most influential teacher was the world-renowned Swiss naturopath, Alfred Vogel. Jan de Vries now divides his time between clinics in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland. His books are sold in many English-speaking countries and have been translated into Dutch and German.

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