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Janina Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste - 75ml

  • Janina's Sensitive Ultrawhite Toothpaste uniquely developed formulation contains natural active ingredients necessary to maintain proper daily oral hygiene.

Product Description

The new improved formula specially developed to decrease teeth sensitivity to cold, heat, contact and acids.

The natural fruit enzymes of the patented Bromaine Complex™ promote faster non abrasive whitening, which results in whiter teeth without any harm to the enamel.

Used twice daily instead of your current toothpaste, Janina helps prevent decay, controls plaque, and provides long lasting gum protection.

It's clinically proven formula helps to control bad breath while whitening teeth safely.

Developed in Europe • Clinically Proven • FDA Approved

Ideal for those with surface staining i.e. tea, coffee, red wine, nicotine etc.
Desire whiter teeth safely
Suffer from halitosis
Suffer from sensitive teeth
Excessive calculus
People at high risk to dental caries or periodontal diseases
People with reduced salivary flow rate, i.e. elderly or those with special needs
Patients with crowns, bridges, implants or those wearing appliances i.e. dentures and orthodontic appliances.


About Janina:

There are many other whitening toothpastes currently available, all claiming to whiten teeth. These other whitening toothpastes are, however, just mere stain removers, containing no actual whitening ingredients. The BBC Television Programme Health Watchdog acknowledged that Janina Tooth Whitening products were the only products (compared with other known whitening toothpaste brands) which contain ingredients with the ability to whiten teeth.

Health Which?, the independent consumer magazine, has awarded Janina with the highest rating for the quality of clinical research. Health Which? evaluated research provided by the 19 best selling whitening toothpastes to support their claims that teeth were whiter and brighter after regular use. Janina scored the highest rating but shocking results revealed that some leading brands scored poorly and others scored zero!

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