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Janome Digitizer MBX V5

  • Developed in a collaborative effort with Wilcom International, the industry's top embroidery software developer, Janome's Digitizer MBX software combines easy-to-use functionality with a powerful software engine to give you the freedom to express yourself
  • The most exciting feature of the newest version of software, V4.5, is the option for freehand embroidery using a tablet
  • From editing individual stitches to layouts of large, multi-hoop designs and full stitch-out simulations, Digitizer can handle it all with ease
  • This product will work for the following machines: Janome Horizon MC15000, Janome Horizon MC14000, Janome Horizon MC12000, Janome MC11000, Janome MC10001, Janome MC10000, Janome MC9900, Janome MC9700, Janome MC9500, Janome MC500E, Janome MC350E, Janome MC300E, Janome MC200E, MB4.
  • This new Janome Digitizer MBX V5 is the New full software from Janome it has replaced Digitizer MBX Version 4.5
  • Whether you are new to digitizing or a seasoned professional, enter the future of embroidery with the Digitizer series of software from Janome
  • This allows you to litterally "draw" or trace your stitches creating truly unique embroidery artwork
  • Janome Digitizer MBX V5
  • Also, the Cross Stitch feature, which was formerly a paid add-on, comes standard in this program



Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.

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