Japanese Wagyu Beef Rib Cap Steak, A5 BMS 10-11, 120g+, Frozen

  • Each diner dips thin slices of the wagyu beef for a few seconds into steaming pot of broth flavoured with mushrooms, greens and sea kelp then eats it with a variety of sauces
  • A little goes a long way and the richness of the meat is counterbalanced by the light and fragrant broth which is eaten to finish the meal.Until recently, Japanese wagyu wasn't allowed to be imported into the UK
  • It is such a special product and very different to any other beef, or even other wagyu
  • This rib cap cut of Japanese wagyu is fantastically tender and cut perfectly for a traditional dish of shabu shabu
  • Strict regulations determine the rearing and grading of Japanese wagyu and ours is from 100% wagyu cattle from the Kagoshima prefecture in Japan.


Product Description

  • This rib cap wagyu steak is perfect for the traditional Japanese dish shabu shabu, where diners cook their own beef in broth on the table.
  • Kagoshima is wagyu bred in the Kagoshima region of Japan.
  • The beef is rich red and has dense patterns of marbling with beautiful full flavour.
  • Japanese wagyu is completely different to any other beef.

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