Japanese Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak, A4 BMS 10-11, 1 x 200g+, Frozen

  • A little goes a long way with Japanese wagyu though as it's very rich.Japanese wagyu is a truly special meat
  • The meat is heavily marbled with fine, evenly distributed snowflake patterns of fat, which derives from a diet rich in wheat and corn for the final 18 months of feed.
  • This sirloin steak will make an incredible meal
  • Our wagyu is the product of 100% wagyu cattle that are raised in the Kagoshima prefecture of Japan.Japanese agyu is incredibly tender with an intense, rich flavour
  • Unavailable in the UK until 2015, Japanese wagyu is reared and graded according to strict regulations so that quality is always paramount
  • It is a completely different product to normal beef and even from standard wagyu beef


Product Description

  • This sirloin is incredibly tender and will make an amazing meal for a special occasion.
  • Kagoshima wagyu is 100% wagyu cattle raised in the Kagoshima prefecture of Japan.
  • Kagoshima meat is intensely marbled with a rich flavour.
  • Japanese wagyu is completely different to standard beef.

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