ELGS12401 Jiffy

Jiffy 7 Extra Deep Peat Plug Propagation Pellets - 150 x (50mm x 150mm)

  • Jiffy-7 is a clean and cost-effective rooting media well suited to the propagation of many different crops.The product is available in many different European and North American standard size trays, strips and poly-rolls to ensure there is a pre-loaded pellet system for almost everyone
  • The Jiffy-7 pellets are continuously tested and upgraded to confirm to the highest greenhouse quality standards
  • Testing of the Jiffy-7 is carried out both internally and externally by laboratories and research stations around the world
  • Last but not least, experiments and trials done at many of our customers, leading horticultural and nursery facilities worldwide, help Jiffy to constantly upgrade and improve the Jiffy-7 pellet system, making sure Jiffy-7 remains a favorite choice for the modern plant propagator.
  • 150 x Jiffy 7 50mm x 150mm Peat Plug Propagation PelletsExtra deep for deep rooted plants, seeds and cuttings - ideal for sweet peas, beans, onions and leeksBased on the "container and media in one" principle, the Jiffy-7 pellet is used by growers around the globe for an array of different applications


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