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Jiffy 7 Preloaded Trays Organic Peat Compost Pellets Hydroponic Seed Propagation - 1 x 104 Cell Tray (24mm)

  • Now with increased air porosity for easier water management and faster rooting
  • Convenience All Jiffy-7 sizes feature a pre-formed soft centre for easy insertion of even the smallest cuttings
  • Jiffy-7 Follow these links for our full range of Jiffy products: Jiffy 7 Extra Deep Pellets, Jiffy 7C Pellets, Jiffy Growblocks, Jiffy Pots, Propagators , Plant Plug Post Boxes Jiffy-7 is used by growers worldwide and has proven itself over many years to be a clean and cost-effective propagation substrate for a wide variety of crops and cultural regimes
  • All Jiffy-7 plugs contain a specially formulated fertiliser to provide the best start for your young plants
  • Peat is only taken from sources where the regeneration rate is greater than the harvest rate.
  • Environment Jiffy-7 Pellets are manufactured from sphagnum peat (and coir fibres) harvested from carefully selected bogs which are subject to stringent internal and governmental controls to ensure minimal environmental impact
  • This can result in a decrease in crop cycle times of up to 25% in addition to producing stronger, more compact plants
  • Increased Returns Jiffy-7 offers growers quicker rooting due to the air pruning of roots which stimulates strong, fibrous root development within the plug
  • Short term crops need no further feeding before potting on

Pellets Hydroponic. Seed Propagation.

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