ELGS15028 Jiffy

Jiffy 7C Coir Pellets Organic Peat Free Hydroponic Seed Propagation Fibre Plug - 10 x 30mm

  • Perfect substrate for crops under stressing conditions
  • Manufactured from coir pith
  • Optimum Rooting


Product Description

Jiffy-7C Follow these links for our full range of Jiffy products: Jiffy 7 Pellets in Preloaded Trays, Jiffy 7 Extra Deep Pellets, Jiffy Growblocks, Jiffy Pots, Propagators , Plant Plug Post Boxes Manufactured from coir pith, the Jiffy-7C follows the proven Jiffy-7 pellet format & offers a peat free, open structured substrate that provides a highly versatile & cost efficient propagation plug. Optimum Rooting The Jiffy-7C is the perfect substrate for crops being propagated under stressing conditions or for crops requiring a high level of air-porosity in the substrate. A specially formulated base fertiliser gives plants the best start without the need for further application until later in the production cycle. Peat Free Jiffy-7C is the only peat free discrete propagation plug on the market, offering growers in peat-free or reduced peat production the same rooting and handling advantages as peat based discrete plugs.


- 10 x 30mm

About Brand

- Is the leading worldwide supplier of environmentally friendly propagation systems, hydroponic systems ,growing containers and substrates for the horticultural industry.

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