ELGS12706 Jiffy

Jiffy 7C Peat Free Coir Plug Propagation Pellets - 100 x (35mm x 38mm)

  • As the Jiffy-7C is a compressed product, the environmental impact of shipping the finished product is greatly reduced
  • Production of the Jiffy-7C is rigorously monitored at our facility at the coir source in Sri Lanka to maintain a consistently high quality and uniformity
  • The Jiffy-7C is the perfect substrate for crops being propagated under stressing conditions or for crops requiring a high level of air-porosity in the substrate
  • A specially formulated base fertiliser gives plants the best start without the need for further application until later in the production cycle
  • In common with the rest of the Jiffy-7 range, Jiffy-7C is supplied in a dried compressed form allowing the grower to store unused plugs until the next crop cycle without wastage
  • Crops such as Poinsettia are well suited to this medium as high volumes of water can be applied to keep cuttings turgid, without the danger of water logging in the substrate
  • 100 x Jiffy 7C Peat Free Coir Propagation Pellets, 35mm x 38mmManufactured entirely from coir pith, a by-product of the coconut industry, the Jiffy-7C makes use of this abundant waste material, to create an environmentally friendly product
  • As many crops requiring such high air porosity in the substrate are grown on the verge of drought conditions, Jiffy has incorporated a specially designed wetting agent to allow fast and uniform re-wetting of the substrate should it be allowed to become over-dry.
  • Efficient storage on the nursery is also a benefit as the Jiffy-7C occupies less than 1?4 of the space of other discrete plugs
  • The plugs are easily re-hydrated ready for use, by hand or during the normal irrigation cycle


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