ELGS12160 Jiffy

Jiffy Grow Block Organic Peat Free Compost Pots - x 25

  • The Jiffy Coco-Block is manufactured from coir (coconut fibres) at a purpose built facility at the coir source in Sri Lanka.The coir particle sizes and structure are carefully manipulated to replicate the drying curve of stonewool, allowing growers to change from the traditional stonewool blocks to Jiffy Coco-Blocks without significant changes to irrigation or fertilisation regimes
  • The Coco-Block is designed to hold slightly less water than a stonewool block in order to improve early root development and establishment compared to stonewool
  • The substrate acts simply as a carrier for water, nutrients and plant roots, allowing the user to maintain exact control over the fertilisation levels throughout the growing cycle
  • Substrate consistent crop after cropFavourable air water ratioRecyclable and environmentally friendlyPerfect in combination with Jiffy coco GrowbagsEasily rewets100% RHP certified coconut coir
  • 5 x Jiffy Coir Grow Blocks, Organic Peatfee Compost Pots, 50mm x 50mm The Jiffy Coco-Block offers hydroponic growers the first natural and organic alternative to stonewool blocks
  • Stable MediumThe coir substrate remains stable and does not degrade during the growing cycle, providing perfect hydroponic growing conditions
  • The substrate is wrapped in a fine capillary fleece to ensure the coir fibres are contained in the unit and do not enter the growing system whilst in use


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