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Jimini's Grasshoppers Fruity Curry - 10g

  • Jimini's Grasshoppers Fruity Curry. Be amazed by the delicate taste of the edible locust, seasoned with a peak fruity curry!

Product Description

Our delicious locusts come from European farms specialized in breeding of edible insects of high quality. The breeding of insects is a complex activity, that is why we have decided to appeal to European producers using dewatering processes that retain all the nutritional properties of cricket as well as their taste.

Natural, edible locust to be found a nutty flavor that we subtly married to the exotic flavor of the curry in our workshop in Miserey in Upper Normandy. And as with Jimini'S, we love when it's natural, our recipes contain no preservatives or artificial flavors! So tonight as an aperitif, it is cricket party!


The edible locusts consumed in many regions such as Africa, Asia, Australia or along the Mediterranean. Although for the most part and exotic European, entomophagy (failure to feed on insects) is widespread on Earth since estimated that a third of the world population consumes regularly.

Although with about 1900 species, edible insect may leave you spoiled for choice! You will certainly find your happiness among the most common: cricket, mealworm, or yellow edible scorpion locust (which is generally considered wrongly like a bug), but some varieties are still more impressive than others. One thinks of the giant water bug, traditionally consumed in Thailand and who can measure up to 15 cm or the grasshopper can easily exceed 20 cm ... But size is not everything and it is often the texture that may surprise: unlike cricket more crisp, bamboo worms and worms palm whose appearance reminds rubber are rather soft in the mouth, while the beetles, armed with their shells at the apparent hardness are rather tough in the tooth. Edible insects will offer many unusual culinary experiences that you can experience around the world!


There is talk of increasing the environmental benefits of breeding of edible insect, and it is well deserved! Indeed, while the traditional livestock consumes a lot of water, food or space, the edible locust, it is rather thrifty. It does not need much room to grow: 10 kilos of food sufficient to produce 8 kilograms of insect against 1 kilo of beef only.

Moreover, the breeding of insects can be done in 3 dimensions then it would be difficult to imagine stack cows to a firm ceiling! Another advantage: the living insect hardly emit greenhouse gas, which is not the case of other sheep and cows. Not to mention the nutrition-related advantages: edible insects is often higher in protein weight equal to the traditional meat, which involved to produce in smaller quantities and therefore consume fewer natural resources!

But these benefits have a broad impact, it will take the breeding of edible insect is democratized in Western countries, big meat eaters.


Dehydrated edible Locust (Locusta Migratoria), stabilizer (acacia gum), seasoning preparation [dextrose, 23% curry (ea coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, chili), spices (such turmeric, pepper), juice pineapple powder 40%, spice extracts, salt].

Nutrition Information

Nutrition declaration / per 100g:

Energy: 2161kJ / 517 kcal; fat: 28g of which saturated fat: 8.5g; Carbohydrates: 19.7 g of which sugars: 4.3 g; Proteins: 46,5g; Salt: 0.4g.

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