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Jimini's Mealworms Imperial Soy - 18g

  • Jimini's Mealworms Imperial Soy. You do not long resist the amazing crispy our Molitors finely seasoned with soy Imperial, slightly sweet. Our meal worms are raised with care in farms exclusively in Europe to guarantee traceability and reliability of entomophage experience of high quality.

Product Description

The entomophagy is booming on the French territory, with many edible insects shops that regularly appear on the market with product quality leaves something to désirer.C'est why Jimini'S makes a point of honor to ensure the traceability of its insects and use of dehydration processes which ensure conservation of nutritional and taste properties of its products. Cooked and prepared with love in our workshop in Miserey, in Upper Normandy, our recipes do not use preservatives or artificial flavors.

Of all plant products, soy is one that contains more protein proteins with the particularity of harboring all eight essential amino acids the body, not knowing manufacture, must tap into the power supply. The Molitors (also called mealworms) blend the soy properties to those of Molitors, whose protein content is higher than those of plants.

These worms are edible also a great source of vitamins and minerals, they also have antioxidant properties. Discover now, the virtues of entomophagy at happy hour on our insect shop. unusual aperitif, curiosity or culinary discovery, our range of edible insects will surprise your palate!

LITTLE STORY to eat bugs
Molitor is a popular edible worm in granaries and bakeries, is what gave him his nickname "mealworm". It is commonly accepted that only the larvae are edible. The adult is a black beetle 1 to 2 cm, which is not really nice room. The larva can even be eaten alive, as an appetizer, and has a very fine taste akin to that of the cashew nut, almond or hazelnut, depending on the power given to it. But it is still early to offer raw insects in stores, because the French clearly prefer the use dehydrated, crispy and seasoned.


Vers déshydratés (Tenebrio molitor), sauce épicée pour mariner [sauce de soja 63% (eau, graines de soja, blé, sel de cuisine) miel, concentré de tomates, sirop de glucose, sucre, eau, vinaigre d'alcool et de vin, ail, pommes, plantes arômatiques, épices, oignon].

Nutrition Information

Déclaration nutritionnelle / Valeurs pour 100g :

Énergie : 1964kJ / 468 kcal ; graisses : 20,5g dont acides gras saturés : 3,5g ; glucides : 15,8g dont sucres : 4,3g ; protéines : 55,1g ; sel : 3,1g.

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