K.H.3 - 150 Capsules

  • K.H.3
  • K.H.3 Capsules
  • Is not a medicine and no curative or medicinal claims are made for it
  • K.H.3 is also not a herb but a scientifically discovered substance valued by many people in their later years

ANTI-AGING CAP. Kh3 Capsules.

Product Description

  • 150 capsules K.H.38 Geriatricum - Schwarzhaupt
  • Approx. five month's supply - the recommended normal course
  • K.H.3 is also not a herb but a scientifically discovered substance valued by many people in their later years


Lacoste, Gelatine, Purified Talc, Procaine HCt, Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide, Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate, Colour E127, Hematoporphyrin


Do not use K.H.3 during pregnancy. Do not use K.H.3 together with sulphonamides or suplhonamide combinations. K.H.3 may be taken by diabetic patients without hesitation, dietary instructions and other medical advice concerning the diabetic condition should, of course, be observed. In very rare cases allergic reactions of K.H.38 are possible and may take the form of skin rash and redness. These symptoms will disappear spontaneously when taking the capsules is stopped. In case of doubt, please consult your Medical Parctitioner or Pharmacist. Keep out of the reach of children.


One or two capsules of K.H.3 should be taken each day for five months. Then after break of one month, another course may be taken for further five months and so on for as long as desired. Older people may find it helpful to take one to two capsules every day without interruption. The capsules are usually taken at breakfast and in the evening but any time during the day is satisfactory. Store at room-temperature and in dry place.

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By Goldie | Posted on: 14/12/2015


Excellent product!. Highly Recommended!. Thank you so much.

By jonr | Posted on: 31/10/2015

Excellent Product.

A valuable part of a stay young diet, highly recommended.

By Tosca | Posted on: 25/05/2015

Very Good

Really good service, reliable with fast delivery. Would recommend.

By darla | Posted on: 28/03/2015


fabulous product.... I am grateful that it is available. thank you

By GrannyA | Posted on: 27/11/2014

Just what we were looking for

Not easy to find. Really pleased with delivery which was prompt and good price. Will be back!

By roddy ss | Posted on: 01/11/2014

Great stuff

I used this supplement for several years and i am sure its very good for general health and the holding back the ageing process. Then suddenly i could,nt find any place to buy from until i spotted Auravita sells it. I am delighted.

By Margarita | Posted on: 30/04/2014

Excellent product

KH3 is an excellent vitamin product for my health. I am 92 years old and keeps my mind active. thank you the price is reasonable.

By flossy | Posted on: 30/04/2014


I have been using this product for many years. I am 86 yrs. old. This has kept me looking young and being vibrant.

By lorena | Posted on: 25/12/2013


Excellent service, excellent price, well wrapped, came on time. Thank you.

By skylark | Posted on: 06/02/2013

Excellent for keeping healthy

The product was bought for my husband who has taken the product for years and finds they keep him active, agile and mobile, but is finding it increasingly hard to buy them in the shops so was delighted that we found Auravita on line. Thank you aslo for fast delivery.


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