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Kair System 150 Firecuff Kit For 150mm Round Ducting

  • Fire Cuffs are an alternative to Kair Fire Wrap
  • Kair System 150 FireCuff and Galvanised Sleeve for 150mm Round Ducting
  • The sleeve can be fitted from above or below in seconds - No mastic, screws or support required.


Product Description

  • Fire Rating: 90 Minutes
  • Unlike other intumescent fire stops this FireCuff does not need any additional support and can only expand inwards
  • The use of centralised ventilation units and heat recovery units result in the building being subject to penetration holes through the structure, creating pathways for the passage of both fire and smoke
  • In a fire situation, a Kair FireCuff is designed to expand inwards and crush the spigot of the fan or vent
  • This action closes the hole in the ceiling creating an effective barrier to smoke, flames and heat
  • The ability of the fire to move all around the building via the ventilation system make it ever more important to protect all ceiling mounted fans and vents.
  • Easy to retro fit to existing fans and vents and is out of sight once the fan or vent is fitted/ Restores and maintains integrity of 30 and 60 minute fire-rated ceilings


When ventilation ducting is installed and enters or exits a fire compartment in a house, apartment, or multi-storey building, it may be necessary to meet Document B of the Building Regulations to ensure that any fire is contained in one area and delayed from spreading for a time, to allow the occupants of the building to escape. If ventilation ducting penetrates a Fire Rated separating element of construction, such as a wall, ceiling or floor slab, then a Fire Stop needs to be fitted around the ducting at the position of the penetration to maintain the fire resistance of the separating element. To join this to your ducting run we recommend using with Intumescent Mastic - Product Code: 'EVBPRYWE' Kair FireCuffs are available in both rectangular and round sizes from 100mm round to 300mm x 29mm Rectangular.

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