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Kallo Chocolate Orange Rice Cakes - 71g

  • “What will we do for a snack?” Went the chocolate porcupine’s song.“The orange tree’s ever so high, And our arms are not very long.”
  • Kallo Chocolate Orange Rice Cakes


Product Description

  • “Just poke them down with your spines,”
    Sang the field mouse playing the flute.
    So he did and it all worked out fine,
    And they spent the day feasting on fruit.

    -The low down
    56 calories per rice cake thin
    A source of fibre
    Vegetarian and coeliac friendly
    Gluten free


Belgian dark chocolate (55%) (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, dried milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin), whole grain brown rice (39%), dried orange fruit pieces (6%) (dried orange juice, dried orange pulp), lemon powder, orange oil


Made in a factory that handles sesame seeds.


The company started out as a family business over 20 years ago. Through a strong following of loyal customers and our commitment to producing products they demanded, we have grown to a sizable team today. The need for healthy food, that doesn’t compromise on taste, has seen us grow our business from rice cakes, where we are still market leader, to cereals, stocks, gravies, crackers, breadsticks and even more. We remain one of the biggest users of organic ingredients in baked products today. As the demand continues to grow for healthier food, we should taste even more success over the next 20 years.

Kallo is now part of Wessanen NV and as such aspires to the group values of Authenticity, Transparency & Sustainability.

By authentic we mean food that is true to its origins, either in terms of its ethnicity or the purity of its ingredients

As long as our stakeholders can see what we are doing, we believe they will understand that we are motivated by a desire to act in their best interests – to make money for our stakeholders, to provide good working conditions for our employees, to treat our suppliers fairly, to supply our customers with premium quality food and to minimize harm to the environment.

We want to think of sustainability as a core element of our organization, we integrated this concept in our business principles, which describe our responsibilities and commitments towards our stakeholders.

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