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Karcher Suction Hose With Non Return Valve 3M SH 5

Product Description

  • Water butt, pond, bucket) and is ideal for regions currently restricted by the hosepipe ban, or anywhere a mains water supply is difficult to access.

    Hose Length: 3m.

  • The Kärcher Suction Hose and Filter can be used with all Kärcher Water-cooled motor Pressure washers (K3-K7 Series).

    Simply connect one end of the hose to your Kärcher High Pressure washer, and drop the other (filter) end into the static water source you wish to draw water from.
    Your Kärcher Pressure Washer will now continue to work as normal without the need for a mains water supply.

    The Kärcher Suction Hose and Filter will draw water from any static water source (e.g

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