HOUM10167 Orac Decor

KC4 Corinthian Column

  • The Orac Luxxus KC4 column has a capital styled in the Greek style found at the ancient city of Corinth. KC4 fluted pillars feature the most exclusive of the three classical column styles. Typically Corinthian columns feature scrolled acanthus leaves combined with small Ionic scrolls. The earliest examples of these wonderful architectural pillars still remain at the Temple of Octavia in Corinth. By selecting an Orac KC4 fluted column you will be able to recreate this ancient theme on your building project. Each KC4 fluted column stands at 2865mm tall and sits on a square 350 x 350mm base which can be trimmed with a fine toothed stiff bladed saw should a shorter height be required. The KC4 shaft is topped off with a K1122 Ionic capital featuring 4 bold scrolls. At the base of each capital there is a neat egg and dart relief. Why not include our CX101 egg & dart coving to complete this theme? ; All Orac columns are man made long life products and will function well on interior or exterior applications. Each component has a factory applied undercoat applied in the factory leaving the customer with a single coat application after installation is complete. Typical applications externally include decorative canopy "supports" and internally KC4 fluted columns make delightful decorations for bathrooms and larger drawing rooms. ;


Display height: 2.865
Display depth:
Material: High density rigid polyurethane.

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