HOUM10178 Orac Decor

KD3 Doric Column

  • The Orac Luxxus KD3 Doric column is designed to add grandeur to larger properties. The substantial 30 cm (12 inch) diameter plain column shaft sits on a circular plinth and features a discrete Doric capital. Each KD3 column can be used for exterior or interior applications. Every column features a 10mm thick polyurethane shaft which can be trimmed for applications of less than 2345 mm. The classical styled property with a white render finish originally featured timber columns which had become rotten. As the property is part of a holiday let near the Tamar Lakes in Cornwall we were approached to offer similar pillars with the emphasis on style without any danger of decay. If you are looking at a similar project then you may wish to consider our KD3H Doric half column option. The KD3 full columns work well on new build applications where the hollow items can be sleeved over structural supports before the canopy is built above. ; Our second KD3 column illustration shows just how extravagant Orac columns can look. The Tree House Company in Scotland specialise in creating the most idyllic structures. The one featured here had a wrought iron spiral staircase and 4 of our KD3 columns. This dramatic installation was created in Oxfordshire at a cost of £60000 and presents a wonderful feature in which to while away the hours.


Display height: 2.345
Display depth:
Material: High density rigid polyurethane.

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