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KSPL11976 Kenwood

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Kitchen Machine, 800 Watt, White and Silver

by Kenwood


Product Description

    • If you have a keen and growing interest in cuisine and food preparation, the Classic is the kitchen machine for you.

      Now boasting more power than ever before, the KM336 is finished in a traditional gloss white
    • Product Description
      Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Kitchen Machine

      The KM336 Chef Classic is the first Kenwood Chef, drawing its design inspiration from the familiar machines you may remember your mother or grandmother owning
    • It mixes and kneads quickly and effortlessly, making the most perfect smooth and elastic dough for a variety of breads and pastries.

      Power Outlets The KM336 has three power outlets
    • Kenwood’s attachment range can adapt to any food preparation requirement with remarkable precision, giving you professional results every time.

      Capacities and specifications between Chef and Major models do differ slightly
    • The non-stick K-Lene-coated bowl tools are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, giving you all you need to get started in the kitchen.
      The Kenwood Chef

      Since Kenwood was founded in 1947, it has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative and durable products, making food preparation more simple and less time consuming
    • This means that, while the beater is revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction, making sure all the mixture is picked up from around the bowl, resulting in perfect and thorough mixing.

      Bowl Tools

      All models are supplied with three dishwasher safe mixing tools for specific baking tasks
    • Kenwood has developed Chefs for all food lovers to ensure that all functions and requirements are met.

      What makes the Kenwood Chef range so special?

      Kenwood has been constantly working to make improvements to an already extremely functional machine
    • More power has been added to each model in the range, so that they now start at 800 W for the Chef Classic and reach 1400 W for the Chef Titanium, making Kenwood kitchen machines the most powerful on the market.

      Improvements to the internal workings of the machine have enabled enhanced performance and reduced noise when compared with most other kitchen machines.

      Planetary Mixing Action Planetary Mixing Action
      A test of good performance is how well the ingredients are mixed in the bowl
    • Its 800 W of power makes mixing cakes, making pastry and blending soups even easier
    • These tools are made of cast stainless steel and also supplied is the unique Flexi Beater, with its flexible rubber edge.

      K Beater
      The K Beater has been designed to increase efficiency and reduce beating time
    • Each is optimised for a range of dedicated food preparation tasks.

      Slow Speed Power Outlet: Positioned behind a removable front cover, this outlet provides the perfect balance of slow speed and high torque to drive specialised attachments, such as the Multi Food Grinder and the Pasta Roller.

      High Speed Power Outlet: This outlet, situated at the top back of the machine, allows for a variety of attachments to be used, such as the Liquidiser and Multi-Mill.

      Bowl Outlet: In addition to the three inclusive mixing tools, further attachments are available for use with this outlet, such as the Ice Cream Maker attachment.

      Tailor your Kenwood Chef to suit your specific needs

      In order to meet various culinary needs, Kenwood has developed an extensive range of attachments to enhance the capabilities of your Kenwood Chef
    • Please refer to our comparison chart for details.

      Kenwood Chef & Major Comparison Chart Click here to see a larger image.

      The sleek silver design of this Kenwood Chef will suit any style of kitchen and is perfect for the discerning kitchen connoisseur
    • More than half a century on, Kenwood continues to produce kitchen machines that successfully combine innovation and durability
    • The range has been refined so that the benefits are clear at each stage

    • Box Contains

      1 x Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Kitchen Machine
      1 x 4.6 L stainless steel bowl
      1 x K-Lene-coated non-stick K Beater
      1 x K-Lene-coated non-stick balloon whisk
      1 x K-Lene-coated non-stick dough hook
      1 x 1.5L acrylic liquidiser
      1 x Splashguard
      1 x Recipe book
      1 x Spatula
      1 x Instruction CD/DVD
      1 x Instruction manual
      1 x Registration card
      1 x UK plug
    • It is especially good for mixing traditional fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, pastry and biscuits.

      The balloon shape of the whisk is perfect for creating maximum volume
    • It mixes a lot of air into the mixture to give a light fluffy texture – perfect for mousses, soufflés, meringues and cheesecakes.

      Dough Hook
      The dough hook takes all the hard work out of kneading bread
    • Revolutionise the way you prepare food with the Kenwood Chef and create more
    • While most beaters rotate in a circular motion, the Kenwood bowl tools move in a planetary way
    • This definitive machine will bring you more power and more functionality


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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.