KSPL11040 Kenwood

Kenwood KMC015 Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine


Product Description

  • More than 35 optional accessories can be connected to the four terminals of the power machine
  • The planetary mixing system ensures unique results - even in small amounts
  • The curved blade is particularly suited to lift heavier airy mixtures of ingredients, without this falling collapses
  • The bowl that holds up to 4.6 liters and is made of borosilicate glass, can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without hesitation stood
  • In addition, the mixing bowl is heat resistant and allows without the risk of shattering, processing of cold or hot ingredients
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:The Kenwood Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine KM C015 is available in the special edition of "Brilliant White"
  • With its flexible and easy-to-clean rubber lip, the Flexi-agitating element moves reliably all the ingredients from the periphery to the center of the bowl
  • The Kenwood Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine KMC 015 is equipped with a 1400 watt motor, which ensures maximum performance even in the production of heavy dough
  • The glass bowl with measuring scale is also available separately in stores.

    Kenwood Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine KMC 015 at a glance:Power: 1400 watt motor
    four power connectors for more than 35 optional accessories
    Dough hook
    Planetary Mixing System
    Glass liquidiser: thermal resist
    Glass Mixing Bowl: borosilicate glass capacity to 4.6 liters, heat resistant, simultaneous processing of cold or hot ingredients, convenient handles, measuring scale
    Unterheb-agitating element: dishwasher safe, curved wings
    Colour: Brilliant White
  • K beater, dough hook and balloon whisk are made of stainless steel
  • Practical handles for easy handling and can be used for pouring liquid and creamy mixtures
  • Including the patented Unterheb-stirrer
  • The package includes a thermal resist glass liquidiser is also included.

    Through the glass mixing bowl recognizes the Kenwood Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine KMC 015 is directly the result of the optimal mixing ingredients

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