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Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer - Green

  • With its ergonomically designed body and controls conveniently placed at the front, the kMix stand mixer is not only stylish but easy to use
  • All attachments are used at the front of the machine, making them quick and easy to fit.

    With a 5 Litre stainless steel bowl, 500 Watt power and planetary action, the kMix will work with large quantities perfectly
  • For delicate mixing, there is a unique fold function that mixes at an extra slow speed, allowing ingredients to be perfectly incorporated without losing air that is important for baking mixtures.

    The kMix stand mixer brings together form and function, ensuring the most simple to the most indulgent recipe can be created

Product Description

  • Choose from our traditional colours (Raspberry, Almond and Peppercorn) and make a statement in your kitchen with the kMix stand mixer and other matching kMix products in the range.

    Kenwood kMix

    Over 60 years on from the first Kenwood Chef launch, the designers at Kenwood decided to revamp and re-use the key design features of that original machine
  • They incorporated today's latest technologies and all their know-how in food preparation, and created the beautiful kMix stand mixer, a piece of art in the kitchen that embodies the Kenwood Chef values in a chic, stunning design.

    Planetary Mixing Action
    Planetary Mixing Action

    A test of good performance is how well the ingredients are mixed in the bowl
  • While most beaters rotate in a circular motion, the Kenwood bowl tools move in a planetary way
  • This means that, while the beater is revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction, making sure all the mixture is picked up from around the bowl, resulting in perfect and thorough mixing.

    Bowl Tools

    The kMix stand mixer is supplied with three non-stick, dishwasher safe mixing tools for specific baking tasks.

    The angled fins of the K Beater reach every area of the bowl
  • Whether creaming cake mixtures, making pastry or gently stirring ingredients together, this is a very versatile tool.
    Balloon whisk
    The balloon whisk is perfect for creating foamy whipped mixtures
  • It is shaped to trap air easily while mixing, to create maximum volume while ingredients are being whisked.
    Dough Hook
    The dough hook perfectly combines ingredients to produce soft elastic dough
  • It carries out all the hard work for you during the kneading process.

    Power Outlets

    The kMix stand mixer has two power outlets:Slow Speed Power Outlet: Positioned at the front behind a removable cover, this outlet provides the perfect balance of slow speed and high torque to drive specialised attachments, such as the Meat Grinder and Pasta Extruder.
    Bowl Outlet: For use with the three included bowl tools.

    Box Contains

    1 x Kenwood kMix KMX51 Stand Mixer (Raspberry)
    1 x 5 Litre stainless steel bowl with handle
    1 x Non-stick K Beater
    1 x Non-stick balloon whisk
    1 x Non-stick dough hook
    1 x Splashguard
    1 x Recipe cards
    1 x Spatula
    1 x Instruction manual
    1 x Registration card
    1 x UK plug

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