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Kerplunk Klassic Vertical Blue Bottle - 800ml

  • Keep hydrated with a stainless steel Kerplunk™ premium bottle. With fresh, new, fashion-forward designs launching each season, you can change up your bottle like you change up your wardrobe. It’s not just a bottle, it’s a fashion statement!


The Kerplunk™ brand was born in Toronto, Canada in early 2008. The first Kerplunk™ products brought to market were stainless steel water bottles. The media had just brought awareness to the dangers of chemicals in reusable plastic and aluminum water bottles and Kerplunk™ offered a healthy alternative. By fall 2008, Kerplunk™ was being sold at Winners and HomeSense stores across the country and began being picked up across Canada.

Today, the Kerplunk™ brand offers a wide array of stylish reusable beverage containers for adults, teens and kids available in most major Canadian department stores and coming soon to health food stores across the country.

Kerplunk™ expanded to the United States in early 2010 when it was picked up by Whole Foods Market in the southwestern United States. It has since been listed with the largest US health food distributor, UNFI, and is on track to be in half of the Whole Foods Market stores in the southern US before the end of the year.

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