HOUM10227 Orac Decor

KI1 Ionic Column

  • The Orac KI1 Ionic column offers an ostentatious flair missing from plain Doric columns. The capital features 4 scrolls which in Greek times were designed to replicate the look of rams horns. Today a KI1 Ionic column will simply create a lavish style either under a canopy when used externally or perhaps in a luxury bathroom inside the home. Used externally this Ionic column has a relatively low 2255 mm height which lends itself to low threshold entrances on modern homes. The Orac Luxxus KI1 pillar is manufactured with a tough duropolymer capital and plinth and features a lightweight polyurethane shaft. We recommend fitting components together with FX200 extra fix adhesive whilst the base can be bedded on FDP700 for exterior or humid interior applications. If the style looks right but the height is a shade too tall then simply use a fine toothed rigid blade saw to trim the shaft and create something to meet your needs. ; The inside of the KI1 column is hollow and can accept 75mm sqaure or round steel supports. Remember our pillars are purely decorative and not intended for load bearing duties. If you are refurbishing an entire room why not pick out the egg and dart detail from the Ionic capital and add our CX128 egg and dart coving around the room? House


Display height: 2.255
Display depth:
Material: High density rigid polyurethane.

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