HOUM10228 Orac Decor

KI10 Ionic Column

  • p>A giant among columns the Orac KI10 full column certainly leaves an impression of grandeur. The KI10 Ionic column stands over 10 feet tall and requires ample space to recreate a classical Roman or Greek atmosphere. Use the KI10 columns in applications such as lobbies museums or at the entrance of gated properties. Many of our columns are used in stylish architect designed swimming pool complexes where a pair of KI10s could create a focal point for the entrance or changing rooms. The lightweight polyurethane construction is easily handled and comes with a primer coat pre-applied. Adjustment to the height can be achieved by trimming the 575mm base. Exterior applications are likely to require careful planning as the Orac columns are purely decorative and not intended for structural use. Thankfully the classical contours are only 10-12mm thick allowing them to be sleeved over structural steels installed on site. If construction is already under way and this column looks ideal then simply select 2 x KI.10H half columns and use FX200 adhesive to bond them into one. ; . Purchasers of large columns like these will find our polyurethane items infinitely easier to install than heavy but soft cast stone alternatives. So for leisure columns architectural columns or porch columns buy on line and we will deliver direct to site.


Display height: 3.135
Display depth:
Material: High density rigid polyurethane.

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