HOUM10240 Orac Decor

KI9 Ionic Column

  • The Orac KI9 Ionic column stands tall at 2.76 metres high. The plain shaft sits on a round base and is crowned by our most ornamental Ionic capital. The broad 300mm wide shaft tapers gently as it heads skywards and will look superb when installed on prestigious private estates. Each KI9 column is manufactured in lightweight polyurethane which makes installation surprisingly simple. To complete the authentic Greek column feel customers using the KI9 externally may wish to infill the hollow centre with concrete. We recommend using structural engineers to give guidance on suitable supports as different situations will require varying levels of internal strength. On structures of this size a steel support with a base plate bolted into a concrete foundation is likely to be required. ; For best results the installation process should be tackled over a number of days. Assuming the aforementioned guidelines are followed the actual column installation will take place by sleeving column components over a pre-erected steel support. ; On day 1 the plinth should be installed using FDP700 hydro adhesive. Cut a hole in the top of the K2132 plinth before using extra fix adhesive to connect the 2.4 metre K3202 to the plinth. Best results will be achieved by wiping of any surplus FX200 Extra Fix within a few minutes of mounting the column shaft. Next place the Ionic capital onto the top of the column shaft with extra fix adhesive. ; We would advise some form of temporary support to hold the components in place whilst the adhesives cure. Ensure all work at height complies with current HSE guidelines. On day 2 using a "Light Agg" mix pour enough concrete into the column to provide approximately a 600mm "foundation" inside the column. Avoid using copious amounts of water that could stain the column. Leave this 24 hours to set. On day 2 place webbing straps around the column to stabilise it before adding further concrete up to an approximate height of 1700mm. Leave 24 hours for the concrete to set with webbing or luggage straps in place to take the loading from inside. Further concrete can be added on day 3 to complete the process although it is best to leave webbing straps in place for a week. ; When all these procedures have been carried out release the supporting straps and decorate the column with an exterior grade paint.


Display height: 2.76
Display depth:
Material: High density rigid polyurethane.

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