ISLS18285 Kiltox Damp Free Solutions

Kiltox Pre-Bagged Tanking Render - Bag Pallet - 56 to 134


Product Description

Pallet of 56 bags delivered to site, in mainland UK.
Delivery usually 5-7 days - to discuss quicker times please call on 08456 446 001.
Coverage: 1.5 - 2 bags covers 1 square meter
1-1 Remove any existing skirting, architrave and other surface timbers. 1-2 Plaster is removed back to the masonry to a height of 1 metre above the external ground level or last sign of dampness / salt contamination. ( A moisture meter should be used to detect the affected areas ). 1-3 Rake out all mortar joints to depth of 12mm. 1-4 Remove any timber fixing grounds that are present in the masonry. All fixings should be applied using Kiltox Aqua-Stik or waterproof adhesive. 1-5 Stainless steel EML should be applied to form a key to ceilings or wall surfaces where adhesion is poor. 1-6 Tanking pockets should be incorporated into the system to prevent any breach by fixings.
2. REPLASTERING: 2-1 Gauging water - Must be clean, free from oil, dirt or other injurious chemicals ( use water suitable for drinking if available ). 2-2 Mix the entire contents of Kiltox Tanking Render No 134 with not more than 4 litres (water) per 25kg bag of dry mix. 2-3 First Coat Application - compact mix into joints and render to give an overall thickness of 10mm. When the cement obtains its first set, scratch to form a key. 2-4 Second Coat - the mix is as the first coat and is applied as a further 10mm thick render, giving an overall thickness of approximately 20mm. To obtain a satisfactory adhesion between coats, the second coat should be applied to the first before it has set. Scratch the surface to form a key for the third coat or finish coat as required. 2-5 Finish Coat ( If Required ) - this should be a 3mm thick skim of thistle multi-finish or similar finish provided it is porous. Do not over trowel.
3. SAFETY: 3-1 (Caution for anyone handling wet mortar) To avoid harm to sensitive skins, minimise contact with wet cement and mortar (e.g. wear suitable protective clothing). Where contact occurs (whether directly or through saturated clothing) wash thoroughly.
For further information, see below.
4. NOTES: 4-1 Where masonry is unstable, it must be made good prior to the application of the renderings. Where a good bond with the wall is unobtainable, expanded metal lath first fixed to the wall surface should be used.
4-2 Decoration. See separate Kiltox Paints data sheet.

Product Use
The above stated products perform a variety of functions. They require the addition of water in order to complete the required function. They are all supplied in polythene sacks of various sizes. All materials are supplied in dry-powder like form.
Physical & Chemical Characteristics
All stated products are a mixture of cement and aggregates. Admixtures have been added to improve product-handling characteristics. Once mixed with water all the products have an abrasive and alkaline nature.
Main Hazards
Contact with wet cement, which all above product mixes contain, can cause skin diseases
* Irritant contact dermatitis can be caused by the combination of wetness, alkaline and abrasiveness of the cement mixture.
* Allergic contact dermatitis can be caused by individual sensitivity to chromium compounds, which occur in cement.
* Cement burn, a form of skin ulceration, may result from contact with freshly mixed cementitious mixes.
Direct skin contact should be avoided. It is also important not to kneel or sit on wet cementitious mixes as harmful contact can occur through saturated clothing.
Protective Clothing
Protective clothing should be worn, particularly on the arms, hands, legs and feet.
Transportation and Waste Disposal
The carriage of the above stated products is not subject to hazardous substance conveyance regulations and vehicle labelling is not required. In the event of spillage, entry of material to watercourses should be avoided.
Unused hardened material is inert but should be disposed of in accordance with local legal requirements.
Store all bagged products in the dry preferably off the ground.
Emergency Action
Where skin contact occurs, either directly or through saturated clothing, the mortar must be washed off quickly. Where eye contact occurs the area must be immediately and thoroughly irrigated with water. In all cases of doubt, or where symptoms persist, medical advice should be obtained.

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