KTHC10529 Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft Foot Operated Can Crusher

  • Kitchen Craft Floor Standing Foot Operated Can Crusher
  • Display Boxed
  • Ideal for reducing waste and easy recycling
  • Foot operated can crusher is extremely easy to use on both aluminium and steel cans


Product Description

  • Ideal for reducing waste and easy recycling, this foot operated can crusher is extremely easy to use on both aluminium and steel cans
  • The sturdy design features a magnet to distinguish aluminium cans from steel cans, further aiding recycling activity
  • This foot operated floor can crusher is a great way to recycle aluminium and steel cans
  • The can crusher is easy to use and comes with a support bar which is designed to prevent cans from being forced out of the can crusher by the pressure of the foot plate being pushed down
  • The crusher also features a piercing screw which can be adjusted to aid crushing harder cans
  • Once the cans are crushed they can be sorted for recycling, a magnet is featured on the can crusher to help distinguish between steel and aluminium cans
  • If the magnet does not stick to the can it means it is aluminium
  • Size: 37cm x 4
  • 5cm


Warning: Only for domestic use Warning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult


Celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2010, Kitchen Craft is one of the UK’s largest kitchenware companies supplying a wide and exciting choice of nearly three thousand kitchen, dining and housewares items. A family business, Kitchen Craft was originally established in 1850 by Thomas Plant as a manufacturer and wholesaler of ironmongery and household products. The company is today still owned and managed by direct descendents of the founder and whilst the essence of the original business is maintained, we have developed over the years to become Kitchen Craft, a respected consumer brand for all types of kitchen products and accessories. Instantly recognised, Kitchen Craft is the definitive kitchenware brand. Covering an exceptionally broad product range from apple corers to rolling pins, Kitchen Craft provides a host of everyday and unique items, all in the distinctive and highly recognised blue packaging. Significant investment continues in the brand with a host of new and exciting products recently launched, all in the refreshed packaging design. Kitchen Craft, whilst offering a host of individual items, also has a selection of exciting collections, driven by style trends and delivering superior function, to create an offer that not only has an impactful presence in store, but also offers inspiration and a one stop shop for anyone wishing to style and dress their kitchen.

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