KTHC15867 Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft Spotty Absorbent Drying Mat - 49,5cm x 38cm

  • Ran out of draining board space to dry your dishes? This Kitchen Craft 'Blue Spot' Dish Drying Mat provides a perfect and very pretty solution!
  • Kitchen Craft Spotty Absorbent Drying Mat


Product Description

  • What's more, it also protects your kitchen worktops from becoming scratched or damaged by water or soap residue.

    It measures 49.5 x 38 cm (19½" x 15"), providing you with plenty of additional space to drain and dry your washing up
  • With its super absorbent properties, it's also far more effective than allowing your dishes to dry on a tea towel
  • This handy dish drying mat is perfect for creating the extra space you need around your to sink to dry glasses, pans, dishes and glasses
  • However, if it does start to lose its spark, you can always pop it in your washing machine to bring it back to its best!

    This dish drying mat doesn't take up too much storage space - you can conveniently fold it up once you've finished.

    Machine washable
    12 month guarantee
  • As it absorbs and holds the water that drains from your washing up, there's no need to worry about it pooling up and causing any damage.

    With its non-slip backing, this mat grips your kitchen worktop or surface - so, there's no need to worry about your dishes being damaged as they dry
  • You don't have to wait as long for it to dry either.

    You don't have to worry about your expensive kitchen counters or work surfaces being damaged as your washing-up dries on this mat
  • Prettily-finished with beautiful blue polka dots set against a white background, this dish drying mat is sure to introduce some vibrancy to your kitchen


Size: 49.5 x 38 cm (19½" x 15")

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Kitchen Craft










Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016
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