FAFS10310 McDavid

Knee Brace McDavid 425 - Large

  • This will also relieve any tendonitis around the knee cap that will often be caused by Ligament damage
  • The Ligament Knee Brace is made from 5mm Neoprene fabric which offers a combination of support, compression and heat retention, which aids rehabilitation and eases pain and swelling from around the knee
  • The McDavid 425 Ligament Knee Support has a padded buttress with open patella to keep the knee cap in a central position when bending the knee
  • The Ligament Knee Support has four elastic crossing straps that mimic the cruciate ligaments, to help reduce the workload of the weak knee joint
  • The McDavid 425 Ligament Knee Support is designed to reduce the pressure on to the ligaments when bending the knee and aids rehabilitation
  • The McDavid 425 Ligament Knee Support offers Medium Protection Level and is ideal for minor patella or ligament knee injuries, arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis and for general protection of the knee.
  • The McDavid 425 Ligament Knee Support has two steel spring slays on the inside (medial) and outside (lateral) of the brace to reduce rotational movement of the knee joint
  • There are also two further Velcro straps on the thigh and calf to hold the support in place


Product Description

  • Pull-on, Neoprene Knee Brace
    Cross Over Straps
    Mimics ligaments
    Prevents Twisting

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