MLEL10001 Kneease

Kneease Knee Pain Treament

  • Kneease Knee Pain Treament
  • Drug free pain relief
  • Targeted to the point of the pain
  • Thousands treated successfully


Product Description

  • Proven technology that works
  • Hours of pain relief from one treatment
  • Designed especially for arthritis pain
  • Kneease is an easy to use pain relieving device for sufferers of arthritic knee pain and other similar knee conditions
  • Designed by surgeons, recommended by doctors
  • Vibration technology was originally developed for use in hospitals to treat musculoskeletal pain but the equipment used was large and not suitable for home use
  • Modern electronics have allowed the treatment to be made smaller for home use but still be just as effective for the patient
  • Now doctors often recommend Kneease as an alternative treatment for knee pain as it is less invasive and free of side effects


Designed for patients to use at home, Kneease is simple to use. Simply strap the unit in place with the nozzle on the point of the pain and press the button to activate. The unit will operate automatically for 10 minutes of treatment. The Airprene™ strap supports the knee and holds the device onto the point of the pain. Kneease can be worn under clothes and used whenever pain relief is required. Instructions... Step 1 - Place the unit onto the strap Secure the battery powered vibration unit onto the strap using the velcro tab provided. Then fit the batteries and close the battery lid. The device takes two AAA batteries (supplied). Full instructions on how to use the unit are included with every device. Step 2 - Wrap the strap around the knee The green vibration nozzle should sit under the patella (kneecap) on the point of the pain. This can be either side of the knee on the joint line of the kneecap. Step 3 - Wrap the strap over the unit Pull the elasticated Airprene™ strap over the unit to secure it onto the knee. The velcro end secures the strap tightly to the knee to avoid the strap slipping. The strap acts to support the knee and hold the device in place Step 4 - Push the button for pain relief Pressing the button will administer 10 minutes of treatment direct to the point of the pain. Its recommended to rest with a straight leg during the 10 minute treatment. The duration of pain relief varies between patients but generally continues for up to four hours afterwards.


Reduces medication use. No patient likes to take medication and long term use of anti-inflammatories can carry harmful side effects. Clinical studies have shown that reducing the amount of medication a patient needs to manage the pain of arthritis significantly benefits the patient. Kneease is safe for patients with pacemakers, pregnant women and of all ages. It can be used on its own or as a complementary treatment to reduce the amount of drugs a patient requires to manage knee pain. Proven technology Our units have been in use for many years by doctors and physiotherapists as a way of treating joint pain in a safe, drug free way. Recommended by many healthcare professionals as an alternative to complex surgery and drugs, Kneease gives you an inexpensive way to manage the pain of arthritis in the comfort of your own home.

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