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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Knipex Crimping Lever Pliers Insulated Terminals & Plug Connectors 250mm

Product Description

  • Compared with regular crimping pliers, due to optimised lever ratio.

    Two hand operation for easy crimping of large diameters possible

  • With precise crimping dies and integral lock with self-releasing mechanism when correct pressure reached.

    These Knipex KPX975206 are well balanced centre of gravity with angled head and ergonomically PVC designed handles.

    Adjustable crimping pressure, makes it a breeze when lots of crimmping is requires so reducing user fatique

  • Head are burnished and handles plastic coated for added grip and user comfort.

    Length 250mm.

    For insulated terminals and plug connectors.

  • Made from specially hardened and tempered special tool steel for added strength and durability
  • These Knipex KPX 97 52 06 crimping pliers reduce hand forces up to 30%

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