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Knipex Pliers Wrench Multi Component Grip 35mm Capacity 180mm

Product Description

  • Also for the careful installation of finished surface fittings, also applicable for tile breaking.

    The parallel smooth jaws, box joint gives fast adjustment at the touch of a button with the tool on the workpiece

  • The action of the jaw allows screw unions to be tightened and released quickly using the ratchet priciple
  • Lever ratio greater than 10-1 for strong gripping power and they come in 3 size versions: 27mm, 35mm and 46mm capacity.

    Head nickel plated.
    Handles two colour two component.
    Capacity: KPX8605150 27mm
    KPX8605180 35mm
    KPX8605250 46mm

    Length 180mm (7 in).
    Capacity 35mm (1 3/8-inch).

  • The Knipex pliers are highly suitable for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces

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