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Kreem Gas/Petrol Tank Sealer Kit Includes Prep & Sealant

  • Use Kreem tank prep products and sealer kit to create an excellent "tank within a tank" in metal tanks new or old
  • Resists leaded and unleaded gasoline gasohol and octane boosters or fuel additives when used in recommended concentrations.Kreem is safe for Ethanol and Oxygenated fuels.Kreem Tank Prep is a two component system
  • Kreem's advanced formulation gives better adhesion qualities and a smoother coating than other tank sealants
  • Kreem has long been the time-honored name associated with motorcycle gas tank restoration
  • Kreem Fuel Tank Liner has a unique formulation with extremely rapid set-up that arrests corrosion prevents leakage from hairline cracks and seam pinholes by coating the tank's inner surface with a fuel resistant elastomer
  • The B-Wash will aid in this step plus remove any water still remaining in the tank while acting as a primer for the Kreem Fuel Tank Liner.Combo kit includes:1 - Pint Kreem Tank Liner1 - Pint Part "A"1 - Half Pint Part "B"Sufficient for petrol tanks up to 5 gallons.Click on this link to view a video by Kreem Products on How To Kreem Seal Your Tank.Sorry Kreem is NOT compatible with plastic or fibreglass tanks.
  • The A-Wash will remove any grease or oil film and etch the tank's inner surface

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