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Krosno Bubble Base Shot Glass - 60ml

  • Krosno have been producing the finest quality, hand made glass for over 80 years. Products are created using a combination of traditional techniques in manufacturing and an understanding of the marketplace for modern, elegant, superb quality items to grace the home and table. Form and function are fused together to create innovative, design-led products.


KROSNO S.A. Glassworks is the largest and most well-known producer of household glass in Poland and one of the world market leaders in this trade.

KROSNO S.A. is a company with a long tradition and experience - it was founded in 1923 in Krosno, in the south-east of Poland, and for many years it has been involved in the production of soda-lime household glass. The company employs nearly 3 500 workers. Hand-made glass formed in the traditional manual method is the showcase of KROSNO. Machine-made table glassware is also a significant position in the company offer.

Maintenance of high competitiveness of the company is possible through extending the offer and investments into technological development. Over 90 % the hand-made production and about 60 % the machine-made production is exported to 60 countries in the world.

Glass from KROSNO S.A. combines unique pattern-designing, the masterly skill of manufacturing and the latest technological developments. High quality of products and spotless colorlessness of glass are achieved thanks to the method elaborated throughout the years of production and recipes of components used to melting glass. Glass produced by KROSNO is often called "lead free crystal", which superbly characterizes excellent transparency of our products. Apart from clear glass, customers are offered a wide range of colored glass.

KROSNO Glassworks possesses its own Centre of Pattern-designing, where author`s collections setting directions in industrial design are created.

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