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KX001 Door Surround Kit

  • KX 001 door surround kit comprises two D200 cornerblocks, and three lengths of DX119 architrave cut to size. Choose the KX001 door kit for a simple way to trim your door. This kit offers just the right amount of material for adding style to one side of a standard internal door. The D200 corner blocks take away the need for tricky mitre cuts to the architrave, whilst adding a simple but stylish traditional detail. Buying these products separately in length form would usually result in over 1 metre of wasted DX119 architrave. Refurbishment can transform your home using our interior architectural mouldings. Orac architrave and architrave mouldings on their own or combined with architrave skirting board are quality products. Suitable for trade professionals or the home installer alike. Installing your own architrave, general skills are all that are needed. Once measured, being careful of the mitre, cutting is the same as with wood using a saw, preferably a thicker blade for direction stability and with small sharp teeth. Any slight unevenness in surfaces can be filled using our filler. Adhesion is rapid, but there is ample time to make adjustments. With the primed surface, finishing and painting is made easier. This is a complete door frame kit.


Material: Light weight resilient man-made Duropolymer®

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