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La Bio Idea Chopped Tomatoes In Juice - 400g

  • La Bio Idea chopped tomatoes are ideal for sauces, soups and casseroles.


Product Description

  • These are then poured into tins and topped up with tomato juice.
  • Just like the peeled tomatoes, the skins are removed and then the tomatoes are chopped into pieces


La BIO IDEA is a brand of high-quality organic products from the Mediterranean. Products for the tasty southern cuisine made from sun-ripened ingredients. Most products come from sun-drenched Sicily, but there are also suppliers in Portugal, Spain and Greece.

La BIO IDEA products come from organically run farms. This means that no chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used in cultivation. Crops are widely rotated, i.e. each year another type of plant is grown on a piece of land to prevent soil depletion. Compost containing very little animal manure is used and as a result the soil maintains an optimum level of macrobiotic life. This ensures strong plants resistant to all kinds of diseases and pests. No chemical processes and additives can be used in the production of organic products. La BIO IDEA products also contain no artificial aromas, colours or preservatives.

For more than ten years, La BIO IDEA has been the number one brand for organic and culinary enjoyment.

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