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La Bio Idea Millet Macaroni - 500g

  • La BIO IDEA pasta is made on Sicily by Fattoria Barbagallo, a family-run business founded in 1911
  • For nearly a century, the Barbagallos have been preparing in traditional fashion the most delicious Italian pasta from the best durum wheat from Sicily
  • La Bio Idea Millet Macaroni


Product Description

  • The pasta can now be found in organic food shops all over Europe
  • Good pasta not only requires the right ingredients in the right proportions, but high-quality durum wheat, grinding, preparing the dough and the right pasta shape
  • All of this is critical for the ultimate quality of La BIO IDEA pasta
  • When it slides into boiling water, a subtle aroma fills the kitchen and an absolutely delicious pasta appears that is alive and made with passion.
  • Angelo Barbagallo, representing the third generation, runs the pasta company, where the wheat is completely processed from kernels of grain to packaged pasta.

    Professional skills are needed to make good pasta
  • That’s what distinguishes La BIO IDEA pasta from many other (also organic) pastas.

    Barbagallo assesses the wheat quality, grinds the flour in 12 steps and slowly dries the shaped pasta at low temperature
  • Cooperation with La BIO IDEA began in 1991


durum wheat semolina 94 %
millet flour 6 %

Nutrition Information

Average nutritional value per 100gr
energy 1453 kJ/347 Kcal
proteins 11.5 g
carbohydrates 74 g
fat 1 g


la BIO IDEA products are tasty, authentic, honest and of very good quality. They are produced on sunny Sicily and in other Mediterranean regions where tradition and craftsmanship are still the pride of the companies. Here a 100% organic production is a natural way of farming.

This natural approach, also on crop rotation, keeps the country clean and healthy for next generations. The full sun guarantees maximum taste development as a base for the delicate recipes.
Cooperation with family companies existing for many generations and personal relations have resulted in an extended network of enthusiastic farmers.

For already more than 10 years these rich flavours and dedicated producers make la BIO IDEA a unique line of passion food.


Dietary information
celery and celery products -
egg and egg products -
gluten and gluten containing grains and products +
meat, chicken, fish -
milk and milk products -
nuts and nut products -
peanuts and peanut products -
sesame and sesame products -
soy and soy products -

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