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La Bio Idea White Macaroni Pasta - 500g

  • Taste the pasta yourself and experience that little bit extra that La BIO IDEA adds to your culinary enjoyment.
  • La BIO IDEA pastas are made exclusively from strong organic flour and dried at a low temperature


Product Description

  • It is a small, traditional company that has been run by the family for over 90 years and that makes Italian pasta in the time-honoured way
  • The dough is kneaded in highly ingenious machines and then pressed into the final shape desired
  • At the beginning of the eighties the first organic pasta with the La Bioteca brand was sold, since the end of the nineties only organic grain has been used
  • For the consumer this is almost unavailable in the shops (and organic pasta flour is completely unobtainable)
  • In 1991, the Dutch importer DO-IT started distributing this high-quality organic pasta throughout Europe
  • The basis for all types is the same, namely dough made from semolina (coarsely milled wheat flour) and water
  • It’s not just a matter of the right ingredients and the correct ratios but also about kneading it perfectly and for the correct length of time at the right temperature
  • La BIO IDEA pasta in a whole range of types, is made in Sicily according to a special recipe by Fattoria Barbagallo, a family business first started in 1911 by the brothers Angelo and Giacomo
  • Good pasta is dried slowly and at a low temperature (40-55 °C)
  • What’s more the name was changed to La BIO IDEA
  • You need to have a great deal of skill to make good pasta
  • The hard Durum wheat used for pasta comes only from Sicily, Italy’s “granary”, mainly from the banks of the Fiume Freddo (cold river)
  • Grandson Angelo Barbagallo now heads the third generation at the pasta manufacturer where the wheat is processed entirely by the company, from the grains to the packaged pasta on the store shelf
  • This is followed by a very important process, the drying
  • To try your hand at elegant pasta, click on here for a homemade pasta recipe
  • This is essential for the final quality of the pasta you buy in the shops and that you taste later on your plate
  • The first problem you will encounter is in finding good pasta flour
  • That’s where La BIO IDEA pasta distinguishes itself from many other pastas (including organic ones)


la BIO IDEA is a brand of high-quality organic products from the Mediterranean. Products for the tasty southern cuisine made from sun-ripened ingredients. Most products come from sun-drenched Sicily, but there are also suppliers in Portugal, Spain and Greece.

la BIO IDEA products come from organically run farms. This means that no chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used in cultivation. Crops are widely rotated, i.e. each year another type of plant is grown on a piece of land to prevent soil depletion. Compost containing very little animal manure is used and as a result the soil maintains an optimum level of macrobiotic life. This ensures strong plants resistant to all kinds of diseases and pests. No chemical processes and additives can be used in the production of organic products. la BIO IDEA products also contain no artificial aromas, colours or preservatives.

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