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Lactase Complex Lactose Intolerance - Lamberts - 60 Tablets

Lactase Complex High Strength (60 tablets) by Lamberts:
  • The complex is an enzyme to help digest milk and dairy foods that contain lactose
  • It can be used on a long term basis to reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance within the future


Product Description

  • This leads to the production of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and organic acids resulting in cramps, wind and diarrhoea
  • Intolerance to lactose is not life threatening, however it can make patients feel very unwell and although eliminating milk based products is one solution, it can prove impractical as well as resulting in dietary restrictions
  • The enzyme activity is measured and expressed in Food Chemical Codex (FCC) units, a standard for plant enzymes that is a better description than weight in milligrams, as it describes the level of enzyme activity
  • This is a high potency product and can only be compared with other manufacturers’ products if they supply units of activity (not weight)
  • This product can be used on a long term basis to reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance


Allergen Advice The following list of allergens is excluded: Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Soya, Eggs, Milk and milk products, Lactose, Nuts, Sulphites, Celery, Fish, Shellfish and Yeast.

Nutrition Information

Typically per tablet: Lactase Complex 200mg (Providing pure lactase 62mg) Equivalent to 4000 FCC


Take 1 tablet before a meal containing milk products (lactose). 2 tablets can be taken if the meal contains significant dairy content. A free information leaflet giving the lactose content of different dairy products is available from Lamberts® Technical Department. This product can be used on a long term basis to reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance. Do not exceed 3 tablets daily dose.


To be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light.

About Brand

Established in 1982, Lamberts® is the UK’s leading supplier of specialist dietary supplements to Practitioners and Pharmacists who use nutrition and herbs in healthcare. We offer an extensive product range including vitamins, minerals, herbs, multiple formulas, fish oil and glucosamine as well as more specialised products such as VeinTain and Refreshall. All Lamberts® products are manufactured in the UK to stringent pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and approved by the UK Department of Health, so you can be assured that all our products are of the highest pharmaceutical standard. And our products are not just confined to the UK; we despatch to practitioners in over 39 countries around the world and have several distributors working overseas, predominantly in mainland Europe including Spain, Greece and the Netherlands. So if you have been recommended to take Lamberts® products, then you can rest assured that you will be taking quality products endorsed by professionals in healthcare. Using Lamberts Products If you are a Practitioner or Pharmacist using nutrition and herbs in healthcare, and are interested in using Lamberts products, simply complete the registration form online. Once approved (which usually takes just a few hours) you will have full access to this site. You will be able to browse through our products, and use the large database of nutrition and herbal scientific data available.

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5 out of 5
By JRDC | Posted on: 13/01/2016

Works Well.

As a coeliac, it's great that this product is gluten free. I can cope with a certain amount of lactose but use these if I'm drinking milkshakes or eating anything with cream. They work very well for me and are relatively cheap compared to other makes of Lactase tablets.

5 out of 5
By ZBAL | Posted on: 06/08/2012

Great product!!!

Great product indeed. We've been using it for years now. Always works. Recommended it to several friends who buy it from Auravita as well and are very happy. Thanks a lot.

2 out of 5
By jess | Posted on: 12/05/2012

Lamberts lactase

Have noticed no difference in my symptoms, but to be fair, I thought I had dairy intolerance, but maybe not!


Expected Despatch By 26/10/2016
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