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Lamb Cous Cous with Mangoes & Raisins Stage 2 - Pack of 6 x 130g

  • Lamb Cous Cous with Mangoes & Raisins Stage 2
  • 100% yummy lamb, cous cous, fruit + veg meal made from a mix of just organic foods, perfectly balanced for growing babies


Product Description

  • 100% yummy lamb, couscous, fruit & veg
  • Perfectly balanced meal
  • Made from a mix of just organic foods
  • Perfect yummy meal for little people


Organic vegetable stock 35% (water and organic vegetables: carrots, parsnips, swedes, onions, leeks) Organic carrots 14% Organic lamb 10% Organic tomatoes 9% Organic mangoes 8% Organic butternut squash 8% Organic green beans 6% Organic onions 5% Organic cous cous 2% Organic raisins 2% Organic garlic <1% Organic mixed spices <0.2% (cumin, cinnamon, cloves) Organic peppercorns <0.2% Other stuff 0%

Nutrition Information

Per pack Energy 255kJ / 62kcal Protein 3.6g Carbohydrate 8.7g of which sugars 5.6g Fat 1.3g of which saturates 0.5g Fibre 2.1g Sodium 0.02g


We think it's important to always approach things from a child's point of view. So, we've taken simple, natural ingredients that ooze goodness and created foods, and packaging, that should really connect with kids - with flavours, colours, textures and even names that will appeal to all of their senses. We have eleven ranges at the moment: stage 1 baby food, stage 2 baby food, stage 3 toddler food, baby brekkie, baby cookies, stacks of sticks, bakey-bakies, cooking sauces, pasta + rice, Smoothie Fruits and pack'o'snacks!

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