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Learning Resources Dice Domes - 5 - 9 Years

  • Allow for mess free, quiet dice work! Unique shakers offer a quiet, contained solution to dice work.
  • Dice Domes


Product Description

  • Give students the opportunity to work on activities with up to 6 dice in each dome.

    Great for centers, games, math activities and more.

    Includes 4 different color domes and 12 dice (numerals 1-6 and +/- signs).

    Domes measure 4.25" in diameter and feature pop-out base.

    Grades K+.
  • Unique dice shakers offer quiet, controlled learning


Safety Requirements & Choking hazard.


Sample Activities:

• Put two dice and the symbol cube in each dome. Shake the dome and set it down. Look in the top of the dome and write down the math fact shown.Compute the answer. Repeat this activity for one minute and see how many facts can be computed.
• Put two dice in each dome. Shake the dome and set it down. Look in the top and write down the two possible numbers that can be made. For example, if a 3 and a 6 are shown, the umbers 36 and 63 can be made. Use three number dice to make this more challenging and write down the six possible numbers that can be made.
• Play a game with a partner or small group. All players put two number cubes and one symbol cube in the dice dome. Shake the dome, set it down, and look in the top to see the math fact. Compute the answer. The player with the highest number wins a point. Play ten rounds of this game and see who wins the most points. For a different challenge, give the player with the lowest computed answer one point.


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