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LED Lenser H14R.2 3-In-1 Rechargeable Head Torch Blister Pack

Product Description

  • The impressive technical specification starts with a single CREE Power+ LED light chip, mounted in its own durable housing on the front of the head band
  • In any event the H14.2 is fitted with its own indicator light to tell you when the batteries need changing

  • The LED Lenser LED7299R H14.2 is a rechargeable 3-in-1, heavy-duty LED head lamp crammed with technological wizardry for the serious or professional user

  • These offer the user exceptional flexibility and control over light functions
  • With economy in mind there is also a useful Transport Lock to stop the light being switched on by mistake.

    The customisation theme is taken a notch or two further in construction terms too

  • For example the Boost setting will take the light to 260 lumens, while Low will take the lumens down to 60, preserving battery life in the process

  • Recalibrated lens for wider light beam angle.
    Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity.
    Water and dust resistant to IPX54.

    Technical Information:

    Power: 850 lumens max.
    Run Time: up to 40 hours.
    Beam Distance: up to 300m.
    Weight: 340g.
    Supplied with: Belt Hook, Li-Ion battery and Charger.

  • The lamp has been designed with an integrated attachment system which enables it to be adapted into a small free-standing spot light or attached to or through clothing to become a body or belt lamp.

    With so many user benefits it is easy to see why the H14.2 has become the ultimate instrument of choice for professionals who require hands-free lighting.


    Energy efficient CREE Power+ LED Light Chip.
    State-of-the-art, reliable German engineering.
    Advanced Focus System™ Optics: Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance ) or flawless flood (near ) illumination.
    Smart Light Technology(SLT): Micro-chip controlled multi-option technology featuring three pre-set light programs utilising six light options (Power, Low Power, Boost, Blink, Dim, Pulse).
    Multi-function Dynamic 'wheel' switch: Controls SLT options , Dim option and light intensity of Power, Low Power and Boost options which can be adjusted to as low as 5 lumens

  • Using patented Advanced Focus System technology this stunning head lamp can beam flawless light wide and far, right up to 260 metres - the equivalent of being able to see from one end of London's Tower Bridge (244m) to the other in pitch darkness.

    The lamp head has a nice, big, easy-to-find focusing switch and the whole head section tilts down to 90° for directional lighting if required

  • A multiple function wheel on the battery pack triggers Smart Light Technology (SLT), a customised light management system with three pre-set light programmes that between them utilise up to 6 light options (Power, Low Power, Boost, Blink, Dim, Pulse)
  • Also controls the flashing rate of Signal option (from Blink to Strobe).
    Lamp head pivots within 90° angle for directional light.
    Robust cabling: Areas exposed to strain toughened and more flexible.
    Low Battery Message System: Light blinks 3 times every 15 seconds to indicate low battery.
    Transport lock to prevent the light from being switched on by accident and draining battery.
    Ergonomic comfort design

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