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LED Lenser L7 Light Polycarbonate Torch

Product Description

  • It is made from tough, weight-saving polycarbonate, which is temperature-resistant from -175 to +175°, making it a willing companion everywhere from icy mountain tops to scorching dry deserts

  • The LED Lenser L7 high-tech torch is perfect for expeditions and adventure travel but sits just as readily in a builder's toolbox

  • An easy Twist Focus at one end spreads or concentrates light from close-ups to distance viewing and thanks to LED Lenser's patented Advanced Focus System the light quality remains constant and homogeneous throughout: there are no dark rings or spots to confuse or break up the scene for the user.

    The L7 takes three AAA batteries

  • Morse).
    Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity.
    Water and dust resistant to IPX54.

    Technical Information:

    Size: 133 x 37mm Ø.
    Power: 115 Lumens max.
    Run Time: up to 42 hours.
    Beam Distance: up to 225m.
    Weight: 135 grams.
    Supplied with: Wrist-strap and Duracell® batteries (3xAAA).

  • It has an ultra-powerful high-end LED, which can light up to 225 metres and is enough to pick out the smallest detail in the most remote spots - perhaps across a valley, through the trees or down a ravine
  • These are easy enough to get hold of practically anywhere but it is still nice to know that the burn time is up to 42 hours
  • It is also reassuring that the energy will be conducted as efficiently as possible through the gold-plated battery contacts inside the housing.

    Supplied with wrist strap and batteries.


    The perfect tool-kit or expedition torch with a shockproof light-weight Polycarbonate housing and long run-time.
    Extremely resistant to both extreme cold or hot temperatures.
    Energy efficient CREE Power LED Light Chip.
    State-of-the-art, reliable German engineering.
    Advanced Focus System™ Optics.
    Tail cap on-off twist switch with integrated touch button, ideal to signal manually (e.g

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