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LED Lenser SEO Lithium ion replacement battery pack

  • Official LED Lenser rechargeable battery pack for all SEO head torch models
  • 880mAh - 3.7v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack which will fit the LED Lenser SEO 7R, SEO 5 and SEO3 models

Product Description

  • Genuine LED Lenser replacement product
  • 880mAH 3.7v battery
  • USB micro-B port
  • Fits all SEO models (SEO 5 and SEO 3 require a charging adaptor, not included)
  • Single battery only. Charging cables or adaptors not included.

About Brand

Meanwhile, with over 1000 employees and three production facilities , we produce a range of flashlights that is unmatched worldwide . In this catalog , we are proud to present the results of passion , commitment and 18 months of research and development : the latest generation of LED LENSER products . As in the swords of science fiction, these unique lanterns cross the darkness of night . Let them surprise you . In our production , we mainly manufacture LED flashlights system : flashlights, LED decorative lamps , LED chips for mobile phones, flashlights effect , front , headlights signaling , money detectors , work lights , laser pointers , Special LED reflectors. We are the global market leader in LED flashlights metallized . The overwhelming success of our flashlights results in the need for large installations, so we are currently building a new production plant . In 1994 we founded our company in a garage with an initial capital of 1,000 Deutschmarks a sketchbook , a toolbox and an old Atari computer . We were obsessed with lights and lamps, full of ideas, and often working late into the night. In the few hours of sleep we needed , we dreamed of bright stars.

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